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Essex, Vermont

Hello! I am a Maine Coon cat, from Vermont... While you might find that a bit odd, please allow me to introduce myself; I am Browns River Figaro, Figs for short. I am going to tell you all about Maine Coon cats because I am one! One thing you might notice right away from my picture is that I am solid black with white markings, not what folks usually expect for a Maine Coon, a brown tabby. Well, as a matter of fact, we come in many different colors. I'll show you a picture of me and my siblings as kittens to illustrate, click here to see us.

The next litter of Browns River kittens for you to see are nieces and nephews of mine, sort of! They are different colors and patterns from us as you will see, click here. You might also like to see our parents and some relatives, they are yet even different colors and patterns. My mom is Dirigo Augusta of Browns River, she's a golden patched mackerel tabby. Her daughter, Browns River Millinocket, is a brown patched mackerel tabby . I must not forget Grampa Kittery, he is a famous guy around here too!! Click here to see Augusta, Millinocket and Kittery.

Then of course there are the "new boys on the block" so to speak. They are young yet, but are developing into great looking guys. We Maine Coons can take up to 3 years to fully develop our coats, ruffs and full body size. (I'm still working on mine!) The boys live in a very "cool" place outside the humans' house, designed especially for them. I've seen it a few times, it looks like it's a fun place. They have an area inside, out of the weather that has lots of shelves to jump on and they have a huge structure they can scratch on and climb all around on the inside, PLUS they have a large outdoor area where they can safely "commune with nature". The winters are very cold here in Vermont so the boys have a special heated room they can go into when the north winds blow. I'm not sure but I think our humans call this place a "stud house", what ever that means... Click here to meet the guys.

If you would like to check out our pedigrees go to the Maine Coon Database link shown in the section below about Maine Coon Sites of interest. Do a search on Browns River to find some of our adults' pedigrees. At Browns River Coons we are trying to help preserve older and/or rare Maine Coon lines as well as work with breeders that are doing the very difficult work starting new foundation lines. This helps keep our breed healthy and genetically diverse. If this topic is of interest to you, be sure to see the Maine Coon Heritage site listed below in Maine Coon Sites of interest .

Enough of those adults, I'd like to show you some more kittens and juveniles and fun stuff! The next pictures will be of kittens that are cream or blue silver, remember the dilute and inhibitor(silver) genes? Click here to see these kittens. There have been some pictures sent back to the Browns River humans of older kittens that have gone to loving homes elsewhere. These are a few young adult Browns River Maine Coons that are really looking good! Click here to see these young cats.

Part of the reason humans like to have Maine Coons around is because we can be very funny at times. To give you a few examples of the silly things we do click here.

Another important thing to mention is that humans always want to know how we Maine Coons cats get along with other pets and young children. I'm happy to say the more, the merrier as far as we are concerned! We like just about anybody, even DOGS!!! We are most especially interested in families who have birds or rodents (hee hee). I have a few pictures of two young Browns River cats with their loving child companions click here to see them.

***A note from the author.***

(Thought you might like to see another picture of me as an adorable kitten!) I certainly have enjoyed telling you a little about Maine Coon cats, in my humble opinion, we are SIMPLY THE BEST! I hope you have a better idea of what a joy it is to be owned by one or more of us. We can truly enrich your life! (Ours too!) The following links offer historic and interesting stories about Maine Coons as well as important health information. Just use the "back" button on your browser to return to Browns River Coons if you like. If you want to contact the humans here at Browns River you can use the e-mail information below. They would enjoy talking with you about how wonderful Maine Coons really are and they also have information about current litters of kittens. For those of you that are not tired of looking at Maine Coon pictures yet, you can see some candid shots by clicking here.

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