Browns River Daisy and Minnie on left, Browns River Django on right.

        Browns River Mika above and right

Browns River Asteros Betelgeuse AKA "Beetle". Beetle knows if he can just get the head of that snake under control, he'd have the upper hand in this battle...

Browns River Griffin and his best "bud", Ebon. Griffin and Ebon live in Philadelphia. They keep us posted though as to what's goin' on.

Two sisters, Browns River Abigail and Maggie.

Browns River Daisy (yes,another Daisy) waking up and getting out of bed!

Bailey with Browns River Margot as a kitten and beautiful Margot at about 8 months old.

Browns River Dante, our first blue smoke, as a wee baby and a rowdy teenager.

Beautiful Browns River Lily, a blue silver patched tabby; reading her favorite magazine and then showing everyone her "scarey" face!!

Browns River Bailey as a baby and then handsome young boy. Yes, there are two Bailey's, one a girl and one a boy. They are named after Bailey Island in Maine, not Bailey's Irish Cream.....

These are 3 pictures of our "Toad", now known as Browns River Misty. This shows how Maine Coon kittens can have very different appearances at different ages. Misty is a beautiful silver patched tabby.

Hey dude, how's it goin'? I'm Browns River Asteros Orion, don't you think I'm quite the star, no pun intended.....

Browns River Eli and Maggie. These kitties live in Boston with Rebecca, also shown above. Eli and Maggie have 4 human kids to keep them entertained!

Browns River Moxie as an adorable kitten and a gorgeous young lady!

Here's Moxie again with her brother Pax. Pax and Moxie had a great time as kittens together, there wasn't much of anything they didn't get into!

The picture on the left is of Grandma Millie (Browns River Millinocket) and two of her grandsons. Millie has decided to move to the Champlain Islands to live a life of leisure with Lisa (a human) and Colby. From the picture on the left you can see that Millie and Colby are very best of buds!

These photos show how Maine Coons can help keep your home free from bugs, bugs of any kind! This is an added advantage to having Maine Coons in your family. It's important to note that the younger kittens learn very quickly from the adults...

We hope you have enjoyed seeing these pictures of some of our Browns River Coons! We'll try to add new pictures as time goes by so check back sometime.

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