Augusta, Gus for short, is on the left. She is my mom and an excellent one at that! As I mentioned she is a golden patched mackerel tabby. The "patched" part means she expresses the red color gene too. Also, even though she phenotypically shows (phenotype meaning what she looks like) the mackerel tabby pattern and is dark in color, she genotypically carries (genotype which means what gene characteristics she carries but may not express, or show) the classic tabby pattern, solid color and dilute color gene. So, depending on who she is mated with she can have a kitten who looks like ME! My mom has what is called a "sweet" face while her daughter, Millinocket, pictured on the right has a "moderate" appearance to her face. This comes from a blending of "sweet" with "feral" type faces. I'll show you my grandfather, Kittery, he's quite a "feral" looking guy despite his very mushy personality! Grampa Kitt is Millie's proud father. Click here to see Grampa Kitt.

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