The kittens in this picture are 9 weeks old . They are very gregarious at this age, choosing usually to play in a group. But we were talking about colors here weren't we... The kitten on the top is a red silver mackerel tabby and in the center on the left is a silver patched tabby with white, they both have the "inhibitor" gene which causes their under coat to be snow white and gives a beautiful effect to their coat. In the center the guy showing his back end, is a red mackerel tabby and to his right is a blue mackerel tabby. The girl in the bottom of the picture that is laughing (or yawning) is cream silver tabby. Both the blue and cream color are due to the effect of the "dilute" gene on the colors black and red. Notice the lynx tips and frills on their large ears, these are characteristic of Maine Coon cats. These characteristics become more prominent as the kittens grow as do their pluming tails, coats and ruffs. The humans here decided to keep the laughing kitten as well as the silver patched tabby with white,their names are Browns River Bailey and Browns River Phoebe. Click here to see Phoebe and Bailey as young ladies.

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