The Arrow of Time         





As the Arrow Flies

The child wishes to grow and live and breathe living happy under the sun.   And the old man peers into the mirror, puzzled at what he’s become.        While hopes and dreams and fantasies all, dance before our eyes.                   As time keeps sweeping us onward, we are performers under the sky.

We look back to where we’ve been and then imagine where we’ll be.            We reconcile our hopes, dreams and wanderings with a yearning to be free. But yearnings can be tricky. Who knows what they will bring?                        And hopes and dreams are capricious agents of various broken things.

The child marks time by growing, as he travels along his arrow of time.          And old men mark time by dying, a little bit at a time.                                     And those in the middle watch all of this, uncertain at their fate,            Grabbing straws as they make their way, expressing love but also hate.


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