Crowded Place II


The muse isn't ready but I am, so I'll look abroad for my inspiration. Here's to a lofty perspective and perhaps a partial explanation.

There was heartbreak in Sarejevo, terror in Tenoctitlan, and hatred in the Wolf's Lair, yet rapture flourished in their hearts and grace dwelt there.

And there are worlds where money is not a religion, and injustice is unheard of, but there are cannibals in their hearts too.

Inside us all dwell kings and fools. These creatures wrestle in the recesses of our minds, they grapple among the scruples until a Manson or Mohammed emerges.

Inside us all dwell Gods and Cannibals. In each of our hearts there is knowledge of right and wrong: There is Homer, Einstein, Hitler, Lincoln, Voltaire and Jesus Christ. . . it's a crowded place.

And we can choose, and we can change, and we may live forever. We can destroy and lay waste, and give birth to a new day.